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Abax Investments

Investment Discipline

Abax is a leading investment manager specializing in South African equity, fixed income, strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies, as well as a separate global equity strategy.  Abax employs a disciplined, fundamental research approach to investing in companies with strong potential earnings growth over the medium and long term, and has steadily delivered excellent returns for its clients across mandates and over all relevant time periods.  Established in 2003, Abax serves retail and institutional clients across an array of equity, balanced, and hedge fund strategies.

The Firm

The firm is based in Cape Town and is led by senior partners Anthony Sedgwick, Marius van Rooyen, Omri Thomas, and Steve Minnaar.

Contact Information

Second Floor, Colinton House
The Oval, 1 Oakdale Road
Newlands, 7700
Cape Town
South Africa
+27 21 670 8960