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Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.

Investment Discipline

Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd. (BG) applies a fundamental bottom-up value selection process to equity investing. They believe in buying equity securities at a discount to their assessed business value which has a propensity to provide a margin of safety in weak financial markets. The focus is on building wealth over the long term by preserving capital and mitigating absolute risks using a process which emphasizes company cash flows as a foundation for analysis. The firm’s fixed income style is active, seeking to add value to the Index through the management of duration, yield curve and credit risk. Scenario analysis forecasts four potential economic environments which are used to construct low risk portfolios.

The Firm

The firm is a Canadian company founded in 1967.  Based in Toronto, the company specializes in the management of Canadian, U.S., and international equities in addition to balanced and fixed income mandates for institutional and individual investors. Management Committee members who represent the main business divisions of the firm (Equities, Fixed Income, Client Service/Marketing, Operations/Compliance and Private Client) are responsible for decision-making with respect to Beutel Goodman and its clients. Its diversified client base includes pensions, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, unions, corporations, governments, third party distributors and individual investors.

Contact Information

20 Eglinton Avenue West
Suite 2000, P.O. Box 2005
Toronto, ON, Canada M4R 1K8
+1 (800) 461-4551