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Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd.

Investment Discipline

Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd. provides a unique approach to wealth management. With a broad international network of industry experts, entrepreneurial clients, and financial intermediaries, Deans Knight has access to exclusive investment opportunities.

The firm offers two specialized strategies: Capital Growth & Fixed Income

DK Capital Growth Fund consists of detailed in-house research to find businesses with assets that provide a sustainable competitive advantage, reliable cash flows, hard book values, and strong balance sheets. Also a priority are trusted management teams who are financially committed to the company. While the above characteristics are important, the most valuable decision made is the price paid for ownership in a business. The lower the purchase price, the higher the rate of return.

DK Fixed Income Fund is for clients who require income, aiming to identify opportunities in debt and debt-like securities that are typically rated below investment grade. This approach provides clients with a high level of income while preserving and potentially growing client capital long-term.

The Firm

Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd was co-founded by Wayne Deans & Doug Knight in 1992. The corporate office is located in Vancouver. 

The firm’s clients consist of high net worth individuals & families, and institutional investors.

Contact Information

999 West Hastings Street, Suite 1500
Vancouver, BC V6C 2W2