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Genesis Asset Managers, LLP

Investment Discipline

Genesis believes that superior long-term returns are delivered by identifying underpriced companies through their own bottom-up independent research and disciplined analysis. They do not construct portfolios with reference to an index, with the result that the portfolio can look very different from published emerging market indices. Investments are made with a five-year time horizon.

As investors in emerging market companies, the Genesis investment team looks to take advantage of:

- Structural Changes: economic development creates a dynamic investment environment. Genesis’ long-term approach is well positioned to capture opportunities, as changes will unfold over years rather than months

- Change at the Corporate Level: structural changes can lead to a more competitive operating environment which challenges management and widens the disparities between individual companies, thus providing further opportunities for investors

- Stock Market Inefficiencies: emerging markets tend to be inefficient at pricing shares. Genesis’ detailed analysis enables them to identify those stocks which are selling at the greatest discount to their intrinsic value

The Firm

Established in January 1989, Genesis has managed an active emerging markets equity product since the launch of the Genesis Emerging Markets Fund in July 1989.  Led by Karen Yerburgh, Managing Partner, Genesis manages a variety of pooled and separate global and specialist emerging markets portfolios for institutional investors across the globe.

Contact Information

21 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HU
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7201 7200