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Third Avenue Management LLC

Investment Discipline

Unique among value investors, Third Avenue Management maintains its absolute focus on discovering and implementing investment ideas where demonstrable value has been overlooked. We believe that investing in well-financed, well-managed companies with good long-term prospects for growth, selling at significant discounts to their intrinsic value, generates attractive long-term returns with reduced risk of capital loss. We invest like business owners, conducting the time intensive analysis of a company’s value in the context of its assets, management, liabilities and other factors, with a particular emphasis on the balance sheet.  We are unconstrained and opportunistic in our approach, applying our highly defined, repeatable and proven process globally – across geographies, industries and asset classes. 

The Firm

Founded in 1986 by legendary value investor, Martin Whitman, whose beliefs defined a style of investing, one philosophy shapes all of Third Avenue’s investment strategies – Value, Small Cap Value, Real Estate Value and International Value.

Contact Information

622 Third Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10017-6715
+1 (800) 880-8442
+1 (212) 888-5222