Partnership Approach

Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. is a global asset management company, which operates through a diverse group of premier boutique investment firms. AMG’s unique partnership approach aligns incentives through equity ownership and preserves the entrepreneurial orientation that distinguishes the most successful investment management firms.

Each Affiliate investment has been negotiated individually within a proven framework based on the specific characteristics of the firm and the goals of its principals. Although the specific structure of each investment is tailored to meet the needs of a particular Affiliate, in all cases, AMG establishes a meaningful equity interest in the firm, with the remaining equity interests retained by the management of the Affiliate. Typically, as a result of an investment by AMG, an Affiliate's equity is more broadly distributed among the management partners, providing both senior and junior managers the motivation to increase the value of their equity through ongoing superior investment performance and client service.

AMG’s investment structure provides Affiliate partners with continued operational autonomy and the ability to leverage AMG’s scale in a number of areas, including product distribution, operations, technology and marketing. Our broad experience in partnering with boutique asset managers has enabled AMG to successfully identify and develop these cross-Affiliate initiatives to enhance revenue growth and strengthen the business operations of our Affiliates.