Client Types

To institutional clients, our Affiliates offer investment products across a broad range of investment styles, including small, small/mid, mid and large capitalization value, growth equity and emerging markets. In addition, our Affiliates offer quantitative, alternative, credit arbitrage and fixed income products. Our Affiliates manage assets for foundations and endowments, defined benefit and defined contribution plans for corporations and municipalities, and Taft-Hartley plans, with disciplined and focused investment styles that address the specialized needs of institutional clients. 

Our Affiliates provide advisory or sub-advisory services to mutual funds. These funds are distributed to retail and institutional clients directly and through intermediaries, including independent investment advisors, retirement plan sponsors, broker/dealers, major fund marketplaces and bank trust departments.

High Net Worth 
The High Net Worth category broadly comprises two principal client groups. The first group consists principally of direct relationships with high net worth individuals and families and charitable foundations. For these clients, our Affiliates provide investment management or customized investment counseling and fiduciary services. The second group consists of individual managed account client relationships established through intermediaries, generally brokerage firms or other sponsors.

Most recently available AUM by client location and type.