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Breadth of Products Across Investment Styles and Geographies Provides Stability to Earnings

AMG's Affiliates offer a broad range of diverse products - in terms of investment style, asset class, and geography - to institutional and individual clients, as well as mutual funds and wrap accounts. This diversity allows AMG to participate in the fastest growing segments of the industry while reducing the risks created by changing market environments.

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AUM by product strategy shown, pro forma for pending investments and investments which have since closed. Of the 23% of total AUM in Global / Int’l Equities, 6% was US Equities, 4% UK Equities, 4% Developed Europe ex-UK, and 9% Other.

Multi-Strategy Alternatives also includes other dedicated “niche” strategies including Currency, Commodity, Volatility, Macro, Cross-Asset Arbitrage and Short Bias strategies.