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Investment Discipline

SouthernSun Asset Management was founded in 1989 and manages long-term, concentrated Small Cap, SMID Cap and Global Equity investment strategies. The firm uses a fundamental, research-intensive investment process to identify companies that have financial flexibility, management adaptability, and niche dominance. SouthernSun believes this depth and diligence of research allows the firm to better understand each company’s core operating strengths and make sound investment decisions.

The Firm

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the firm is led by Michael W. Cook, Sr., Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer; Phillip W. Cook, Senior Analyst & Principal; William P. Halliday III, Chief Operating Officer & Principal; and Michael S. Cross, Senior Analyst & Principal.

Investment Strategies

  • Small Cap Equity
  • SMID Cap Equity
  • Global Equity

Vehicles Offered

  • Separate Accounts
  • U.S. Mutual Funds

Assets Under Management

SMID Cap Equity 72%
Small Cap Equity 25%
Global Equity 3%
Other 1%

Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding; approximate breakdown subject to change.

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