AMG’s Affiliates are among the leading investors in their disciplines with outstanding reputations, superior client service, and excellent track records of outperformance relative to their peers and benchmarks across a wide range of investment styles, asset classes and geographic areas.  As a group, AMG’s Affiliates manage more than 500 investment products across each major product category: global, international and emerging markets equities, domestic equities, alternative and fixed income products.  We predominantly offer active portfolio management of international and domestic equities from some of the industry’s most respected investment firms, including AQR Capital Management, BlueMountain Capital Management, First Quadrant, Genesis Asset Managers, Harding Loevner, Third Avenue Management and Tweedy, Browne Company.

Our diverse array of products enables AMG to participate broadly in the most attractive segments of the investment management industry, while generating incremental growth by introducing Affiliate products into additional distribution channels.

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AUM by product strategy shown, pro forma for pending investments and investments which have since closed. Of the 23% of total AUM in Global / Int’l Equities, 6% was US Equities, 4% UK Equities, 4% Developed Europe ex-UK, and 9% Other.

Multi-Strategy Alternatives also includes other dedicated “niche” strategies including Currency, Commodity, Volatility, Macro, Cross-Asset Arbitrage and Short Bias strategies.