Our Commitment

Your firm has pursued a unique path to success.

We partner with you to make your great firm even better – catalyzing and magnifying your future success – offering actionable insights and powerful capabilities to enhance your platform and hone your advantages.

Change is a given. We see the future through our partners’ eyes and make lasting commitments to evolve and grow with the independent firms and people we believe in. We share your entrepreneurial spirit and focus on excellence. With a common purpose centered on your firm’s distinct opportunities and independence, together we will create even more success.

Aligning with
Your Vision

Our unique partnership approach enables you to preserve your firm’s core strengths – your entrepreneurial culture, your investment focus, and your alignment with clients.

We provide the advantages of strategic partnership while you retain your operating and investment independence to evolve according to your vision for the future.

Your Advantage

Our proven capabilities, across strategic and business development; growth capital; product development; and capital formation, can enhance your competitive position and business diversity.

We adapt our partnership solutions to your unique opportunities, collaborating with you as you navigate the complexities of the marketplace, build on your success, and position your firm to benefit from evolving client needs.

Your Future

Our proven expertise in long-term strategic planning and aligning incentives across successive generations of management helps you build on the distinct advantages of your enduring, independent franchise.

We partner with you to enhance your evolution toward new opportunities and your next phase of success.


We create custom structures that align with the long-term goals of each of our Affiliates.

While partnership structures are tailored to meet the specific needs of each firm, in all cases we establish a meaningful equity interest in the Affiliate, with the remaining equity distributed among management principals, incenting further success.

The following principles are the hallmark of an AMG partnership:

Preserving our partners’ unique entrepreneurial and investment cultures.

When Affiliates choose AMG as a partner, they are choosing independence. Not only do our partners value their autonomy, their clients also recognize that an independent firm’s entrepreneurial and investment-centric culture is instrumental to generating differentiated long-term returns.

Maintaining long-term alignment and wealth creation opportunity through equity ownership.

Management principals retain significant direct equity ownership in their own firm, enabling them to participate in its long-term success and keeping their interests aligned with clients. For many Affiliates, AMG facilitates incentive alignment across successive generations of principals, enabling subsequent generations to participate in long-term value creation.


AMG offers the broadest array of partnership solutions available to independent investment firms.

Capital Investment
Growth Capital

Enables Opportunistic Execution

We have the resources and expertise to invest in and alongside your firm in growth and seed initiatives that can help propel your firm’s evolution to its next phase of success.

Capital Formation
Client Solutions

Expands Your Firm’s Reach

Our seasoned distribution team enhances your firm’s business development efforts where you choose to work with us, enabling your firm to expand its reach into new geographies and channels.

See AMG’s Wealth platform and AMG’s Institutional platform.

Product Development

Amplifies Your Opportunity

We collaborate with you to identify strategic product opportunities, and advise on all aspects of product strategy, including client preferences, product structure, packaging and vehicles, and go-to-market considerations, complementing your firm’s growth potential.

Strategic Advisory
Succession Planning

Builds Enduring Franchises

We have unmatched expertise in the investment industry across multi-generation incentive alignment and the establishment of, and follow-through on, succession plans, enhancing your long-term stability as well as clients’ and management principals’ experience.

Additional Advisory

Supports Ongoing Development

With a 30-year track record of successful partnerships, we have deep insight on the most significant questions that independent firms face. We can advise on industry trends and best practices across operational areas, team lift-outs, and other strategic initiatives – supporting the long-term development of your firm.

Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates manage client assets across a diverse range of secular growth areas and are focused on creating value for their clients.

Advantages of Independent Firms

Partner-owned, investor-led managers are better able to meet client objectives than non-independent peers.


Direct equity ownership strongly aligns interests with clients, creating long-term focus


Investment independence, and unique partnership-oriented cultures in which principals are able to directly impact the firm’s success, attract high-quality investment talent


Focused on client objectives and characterized by specialized investment expertise


Through equity ownership in their own firm, and with a desire to build a multi-generational franchise, principals are focused on long-term success

The advantages of engaging with AMG and our Affiliates include:

Differentiated Strategies

Affiliates manage a wide array of industry-leading strategies across asset classes.

Unmatched Track Record

30 years of identifying, vetting, and partnering with high-quality independent firms.

Global Reach

Capital formation capabilities across channels and geographies.

The Independence Premium

AMG’s proprietary study of more than 1,300 individual investment management firms globally and ~5,000 institutional equity strategies (across 11 return-oriented equity categories representing approximately US$7 trillion in AUM over a 20-year period) highlighted that partner-owned independent firms:

  • Broadly outperformed non-independent managers on a consistent basis
  • Generated exceptional risk-adjusted excess returns versus indices
  • Managed differentiated strategies that, on average, persistently demonstrated a high frequency of outperforming indices

The Advantages of Independence in Volatile Environments

During periods of market volatility, skilled investment managers are able to discern the most significant opportunities to generate excess returns, and dynamically re-calibrate portfolios. In a supplement to AMG’s proprietary study focusing on the performance of partner-owned independent managers during market volatility, we found that these managers:

  • Meaningfully outperformed non-independent firms
  • Generated substantial net excess returns across multiple strategies
  • Generated outperformance relative to passive indexing: 3x greater in volatile periods