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Investment Discipline

Pantheon is a leading global investor in private equity, infrastructure and real assets. Pantheon’s investment strategies include primary fund programs, secondaries, co-investment, infrastructure, and customized programs. Pantheon's investment philosophy is based on the belief that private equity has the potential to outperform other asset classes by fundamentally improving businesses. This philosophy is founded on a shared set of beliefs: (a) private equity ownership can improve businesses by a long-term approach, active ownership, close alignment of interests and good corporate governance, (b) maximizing performance within private equity requires deep global experience, extensive research and vision, combined with appropriate risk management, and (c) sustainable success for Pantheon depends on its relationships with clients and fund managers, whom they regard as partners.

The Firm

Established in 1982, we focus on delivering performance and value to our clients. Over that time, we have invested over $30 billion on behalf of institutional investors around the world. Our broad client base comprises of public and private pension plans, insurance companies, endowments and foundations. In 2013 we established Pantheon Private Wealth to deliver comprehensive private equity solutions to wealth management firms serving high net worth individuals and Pantheon Defined Contribution to enable individual participants to access comprehensive private equity investment programs through their pension savings plans. Pantheon was founded in 1982 and is led by its Partnership Board comprised of Paul Ward, Managing Partner; Kevin Albert, Partner; Susan Long McAndrews, Partner; Dennis McCrary, Partner; and Chris Meads, Partner. The firm has a team of over 70 investment professionals, and total staff of over 200, in offices located in London, San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. Pantheon manages funds and separate accounts on behalf of over 380 global clients, including pension funds, endowments, government bodies and insurance companies.

Contact Information

10 Finsbury Square
4th Floor
+44 20 3356 1800