Investment Discipline

AQR is a global investment management firm dedicated to delivering results for our clients. At the nexus of economics, behavioral finance, data and technology, AQR’s evolution over two decades has been a continuous exploration of what drives markets and how it can be applied to client portfolios.

The Firm

AQR was founded in 1998 by Clifford S. Asness, Ph.D.; David G. Kabiller, CFA; Robert J. Krail; and John M. Liew, Ph.D. The firm is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with offices in Bangalore, Boston, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London and Sydney. AQR’s clients represent some of the largest and most sophisticated investors across the globe.

Investment Strategies

  • Alternatives
    • Absolute Return – Absolute Return Strategy, Arbitrage Strategies, Credit Strategies, Equity Market Neutral, Global Macro, Hedge Fund Premia, Managed Futures, Opportunistic, Real Return, Style Premia, Volatility Strategies
    • Total Return – Diversified Growth Strategies, Long-Short Equity, Risk Parity, Multi-Strategy
  • Equities – Single-Style, Multi-Style, Enhanced, Relaxed Constraint, 3-Alpha
  • Fixed Income – Absolute Return Credit, Emerging Markets Hard Currency, Global Aggregate, Global Governments, High Yield Corporates, Investment Grade Corporates, U.S. Core Plus
  • ESG Solutions

Investment Vehicles

  • Separate Managed Accounts
  • Private Funds
  • Collective Investment Trusts
  • U.S. Mutual Funds
  • U.S. Model Portfolios
  • Australian Funds
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