Artemis believes that, whatever markets are doing, opportunities for above-average returns are available for active managers.

The firm’s fund managers are collegiate, communicative and always keen to discuss and exchange investment ideas. Drawing on each other’s experience and knowledge, sharing ideas and insights between teams, specialist units operate with support from the wider business towards a common goal. Artemis tries to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, allowing its managers to concentrate on what they do best – selecting the right stocks or bonds for clients within a clear framework of risk management. The firm’s managers have the freedom to invest without the constraints of a single house style or process.  The result is ‘high conviction’ portfolios that frequently have a ‘look and feel’ which is markedly different from those of competitors and the relevant benchmark.

The Firm

Artemis was founded in 1997. Its aim was, and still is, exemplary investment performance and client service. All Artemis’ staff share these two precepts – and the same flair and enthusiasm for fund management.

Investment Strategies
  • U.K. Equities – Income, Capital, U.K. Select, U.K. Smaller Companies, U.K. Special Situations
  • European Equities – European Growth, European Opportunities, Pan-European Absolute Return
  • U.S. Equities – U.S. Equity, U.S. Select, U.S. Smaller Companies, U.S. Extended Alpha, U.S. Absolute Return
  • Global Equities- Global Income, Global Select, Global Growth, Global Emerging Markets
  • Fixed Income -Strategic Bond, High Income
  • Multi-Asset- Monthly Distribution, Strategic Assets
Investment Vehicles
  • Separate Accounts
  • Pooled Funds





Contact Information

Cassini House
57 St James’s Street
London, SW1A 1LD
United Kingdom

+44 20.7399.6000

6th floor, Exchange Plaza
50 Lothian Road
Edinburgh, Scotland

+44 131.225.7300www.artemisfunds.com

AMG Affiliates

Our Affiliates manage client assets across a diverse range of secular growth areas and are focused on creating value for their clients.