Investment Discipline

Formed in 1982, EIG is a leading provider of institutional capital to the energy sector globally. A niche investor, EIG has partnered with 400 energy companies in 42 countries around the world since inception. The firm’s global platform supports seven offices on five continents. EIG seeks exceptional management teams and investment opportunities around the globe and across the full spectrum of the energy value chain. The firm believes there are current sector trends in the energy markets that will require massive amounts of capital to be deployed in the sector over the next 15-20 years.


The Firm

EIG is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Houston, London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Seoul. The firm is led by its partners, R. Blair Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Randall S. Wade, President.

Investment Strategies

  • Flagship Fund Series – EIG’s Flagship Funds focus on providing hybrid debt and structured equity financing, typically in connection with projects sponsored by large companies, both public and private, on a global basis. The strategies target directly negotiated private transactions with mid- and large-cap energy companies and projects with an emphasis on transactions underpinned by hard assets, such as proven oil and gas reserves, pipelines, gathering systems, processing facilities, liquefied natural gas terminals, power plants, alternative energy and similar opportunities. 
  • Credit / Direct Lending – Since 2001, EIG’s credit / direct lending strategies have targeted higher credit quality project finance instruments. These strategies provide senior and high yield loans to energy and infrastructure projects and companies on a global basis. EIG believes that an ability to make senior, longer duration investments provides a competitive advantage, given that many energy and infrastructure assets have long useful lives and often are supported by stable, contracted cash flows.
  • Strategic Investments – EIG’s Strategic Investments platform has developed a capacity to execute complex control equity transactions and assume ownership and operatorship of upstream and midstream assets, principally outside of the U.S. The first investment vehicle through which EIG executed this strategy reverse merged into a London-listed, public company in 2021, continuing in business as Harbour Energy plc. The Firm has recently developed additional investment vehicles to continue this investment strategy, the first of which is a newly-formed, wholly owned subsidiary of EIG, Breakwater Energy, which acquired 25% interest in Repsol Upstream for total consideration of approximately $4.8 billion.
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