Investment Discipline

Pantheon is a global private equity fund investor in private equity, infrastructure and real assets and private debt / credit. Through a range of global and regional commingled strategies, as well as customized discretionary and non-discretionary accounts, Pantheon’s key objective is to generate strong returns for its clients over the long term by building portfolios of high quality private market assets that are diversified by manager, stage, geography, vintage year and industry. The firm is committed to working in close collaboration with its investors to construct and manage private market investment programs that meet their specific objectives.

Pantheon’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that private equity has the potential to outperform other asset classes by fundamentally improving businesses. This philosophy is founded on a shared set of beliefs: (a) private equity ownership can improve businesses by a long-term approach, active ownership, close alignment of interests and good corporate governance; (b) maximizing performance within private equity requires deep global experience, extensive research and vision, combined with appropriate risk management; and (c) sustainable success for Pantheon depends on its relationships with clients and fund managers, whom it regards as partners.

The Firm

Founded in 1982, Pantheon has, over four decades, established itself as a multi-strategy private market investment specialist. The firm has invested in private equity primaries since 1983, in secondaries since 1988 and in co-investments since 1997. Pantheon launched its dedicated infrastructure program in 2009, a dedicated real assets program in 2015, and a dedicated private debt / credit platform in 2019. With a presence in London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Bogotá, Tokyo and Dublin, the firm has expanded its traditional institutional markets to incorporate strategies designed for the private wealth and defined contribution marketplaces.

Investment Strategies

  • Primary – Global, USA, Europe, Asia, EM
  • Global Secondaries
  • Global Co-Investment
  • Global Infrastructure and Real Assets
  • Global Private Debt / Credit

Investment Vehicles

  • Separate Accounts
  • Fund of Funds
  • Listed Private Equity     
  • Private Wealth
  • Defined Contribution pensions
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