River Road’s Absolute Value® discipline incorporates what its founders believe to be the most proven and enduring principles of value equity investing, with a specific avoidance of the pitfalls associated with common “Deep Value” and “Relative Value” investment styles.

The Firm

River Road was founded in 2005 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The firm is led by R. Andrew Beck (CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager); Henry W. Sanders III, CFA (Executive Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager); J. Alex Brown (Chief Investment Officer); and Thomas D. Mueller (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer). River Road’s diverse client base spans a broad range of domestic and international clients across four continents.

Investment Strategies
  • Small Cap Value
  • Small-Mid Cap Value
  • Mid Cap Value
  • Large Cap Value Select
  • Dividend All-Cap Value
  • Focused Absolute Value®
  • International Value Equity
Investment Vehicles
  • Separate Accounts
  • U.S. Mutual Funds 





Contact Information

Meidinger Tower
462 South Fourth Street
Suite 2000
Louisville, KY 40202

+1 502.371.4100


AMG Affiliates

Our Affiliates manage client assets across a diverse range of secular growth areas and are focused on creating value for their clients.