The Firm

River Road was founded in 2005 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The firm is led by R. Andrew Beck (President & CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager); James C. Shircliff, CFA (Chief Investment Officer); Henry W. Sanders III, CFA (Executive Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager); and Thomas D. Mueller (Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer). River Road’s diverse client base includes mutual funds, endowments, foundations, retirement plan sponsors, and corporations.

Investment Strategies

  • Small Cap Value
  • Small-Mid Cap Value
  • Dividend All-Cap Value
  • Dividend All-Cap Value II
  • Long-Short Equity
  • Focused Absolute Value®

Investment Vehicles

  • Separate Accounts
  • U.S. Mutual Funds 

Assets Under Management

Dividend All-Cap Value II 44%
Dividend All-Cap Value 27%
Small-Cap Value 11%
Small-Mid Cap Value 11%
Focused Absolute Value 7%
Long-Short Equity 0%

Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding; approximate breakdown subject to change.

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