Investment Discipline

Tweedy, Browne Company, LLC (“Tweedy, Browne”) is a leading practitioner of the value-oriented investment approach pioneered by Benjamin Graham. The firm seeks to invest in companies trading at a significant discount to their intrinsic value while emphasizing a long-term, low turnover strategy grounded in individual stock selection.

Tweedy, Browne’s investment discipline emphasizes preservation of capital while seeking a satisfactory rate of return. The firm utilizes a team of analysts to screen financial databases containing over 20,000 domestic and foreign companies using fundamental financial criteria such as price/earnings and price/book value ratios. Once certain stocks have been identified using this screening process, an in-depth, bottom-up investment study is conducted.

The Firm

Tweedy, Browne is a Graham & Dodd style value-oriented global and U.S. equity manager. The Company, founded in 1920 as the brokerage firm Tweedy & Company, is located in Stamford, Connecticut. The firm’s Managing Directors are William H. Browne, Thomas H. Shrager, John D. Spears, and Robert Q. Wyckoff, Jr.

Tweedy, Browne provides investment management for institutions, individuals, offshore funds and four mutual funds.

Investment Strategies

  • Multi-Cap Global Value Equity
  • Worldwide High Dividend Value Equity
  • U.S. Value Equity
  • Multi-Cap Non-U.S. Value Equity

Investment Vehicles

  • Separate Accounts
  • Pooled Funds
  • Luxembourg-based UCITS
  • U.S. Mutual Funds

Assets Under Management

International Equity 69%
Global Equity 15%
Global Large Cap Equity 10%
Worldwide High Dividend 3%
U.S. Equity 3%

Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding; approximate breakdown subject to change.

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