Investment Discipline

Advisory Services

Welch & Forbes LLC offers a broad range of investment and fiduciary services related to the management of assets. The firm’s investment philosophy is premised on the assumption that the cost of living will continue to rise, and the real purchasing power of financial assets will shrink over time, unless an appropriate investment strategy is implemented to combat the impact of inflation. Therefore, the firm’s goal is to direct clients’ funds into investments which can produce a steadily rising stream of income while also appreciating in value. 

The Firm

Established in Boston in 1838, Welch & Forbes is an investment advisory firm that provides services to personal trusts, as well as individuals and charitable organizations. Welch & Forbes values the close personal relationships that it enjoys with its clients, many of whom are descendants of its original clients more than 175 years ago. The firm is led by Senior Partners Ted Ober, Adrienne Silbermann, Oliver Spalding, Kurt Walter, and Benjamin Williams.

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