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Investment Discipline

Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc. (“FGP”) is a value-style investment management firm whose philosophy is based on its view that earnings always matter.  FGP believes that high quality, sustainable earnings should contribute to producing excellent longer-term value-added results.  The firm’s portfolio managers and analysts use a strict discipline in an effort to ensure they do not overpay for earnings. 

The Firm

Three partners launched FGP in 1980 to provide portfolio management services to organizations and high net worth individuals. More than three decades later, the firm continues to invest in what its investment professionals believe are high quality companies with attractive valuations – just like the original partners did.

FGP is led by its Executive Committee consisting of Bryan Pilsworth, President & CEO; Garvin Deokiesingh, Chief Operating Officer; John Berry, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager - Canadian Equities; and Kimberley Woolverton, Senior Vice President – Institutional Client Services.

Investment Strategies

  • Balanced
  • Canadian Equity
  • Foreign Equity
  • Canadian Fixed Income

Investment Vehicles

  • Separate Accounts
  • Pooled Funds

Assets Under Management

Canadian Equity 72%
Canadian Fixed Income 18%
Global/International Equity 10%

Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding; approximate breakdown subject to change.

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