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Investment Discipline

Systematic offers three distinct investment disciplines that each follow unique, well-defined investment methodologies.

  • Catalyst Value strategies seek to identify undervalued companies in the early stages of a fundamental improvement confirmed through one or more positive earnings catalysts that hold the potential to provide superior long-term capital appreciation.
  • Free Cash Flow Value strategies seek to identify high-quality, undervalued stocks with superior financial strength, strong free cash flows and lower relative levels of debt that we believe will outperform over full market cycles.
  • Disciplined Value strategies seek to construct well-diversified portfolios based upon time-tested value-, financial- and market-factors normally predictive of strong capital appreciation.

The Firm

Established in 1982, Systematic Financial Management specializes in the management of value equity portfolios throughout the market capitalization spectrum. The firm serves a diverse client base including corporate, public and multi-employer pension plans as well as sub-advisory, foundation and endowment clients. Systematic is the sub-advisor to two mutual funds on the AMG Funds platform.

The firm is managed by Kevin McCreesh, Chief Investment Officer; Karen Kohler, Chief Operating Officer; Ronald Mushock, Portfolio Manager; Kenneth Burgess, Portfolio Manager, and Eoin Middaugh, Portfolio Manager.

Investment Strategies

  • Catalyst Value Equity – Large Cap, Mid Cap, SMID Cap, Small Cap, Select Value (All Cap)
  • Free Cash Flow Value – Small Cap, SMID Cap
  • Disciplined Value – Small Cap, International


  • Separate Accounts
  • U.S. Mutual Funds 
  • Collective Investment Trusts

Assets Under Management

Catalyst Value 39%
Free Cash Flow Value 46%
Disciplined Value 15%

Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding; approximate breakdown subject to change.

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