The World’s Leading Array of Active, Return-Seeking Strategies Managed by Independent, Partner-Owned Investment Firms

AMG’s Affiliates manage a broad range of active, return-oriented strategies across investment styles, asset classes, and geographies. Through our wide array of products, AMG participates in attractive, fast-growing segments of the investment management industry, with a strategic focus on alpha-oriented asset classes, especially high-conviction active equity and alternative strategies.

Equities 49%
Alternative 34%
Multi-Asset 17%

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Equities 49% Alternative 34% Multi-Asset 17% Global / International Equities Emerging Markets Equities U.S. Equities Multi-Asset & Other Liquid Alternatives Illiquid Alternatives Select a product category for additional detail on AMG's offerings in that area 24 5 20 17 19 15 %

Global / International Equities

Selected Strategies (of 100+ Strategies)

  • Artemis Income Fund
  • AQR Global Equity Style Premia
  • Beutel, Goodman Canadian Equity
  • Harding Loevner Global Equity
  • Harding Loevner International Equity
  • Tweedy, Browne Global Value
  • Tweedy, Browne International Equity
  • Veritas Asian Fund
  • Veritas Global Focus

U.S. Equities

Selected Strategies (of 115+ Strategies)

  • AQR U.S. Enhanced Equity
  • AQR U.S. Defensive Equity
  • AQR U.S. Equity Style Premia Beta 1
  • Beutel, Goodman American Equity
  • Frontier Mid Cap Value
  • GW&K Small/Mid Cap Core
  • TSCM Mid Cap Growth
  • TSCM Small Cap Growth
  • Yacktman Diversified Fund
  • Yacktman Focused Fund

Emerging Markets Equities

Selected Strategies (of 25+ Strategies)

  • Abax Equity Fund
  • Abax NGI Rainmaker Equity Fund
  • Abax South African Equity
  • Artemis Global Emerging Markets Fund
  • AQR Emerging Equities Fund
  • AQR Emerging Enhanced Equity
  • AQR Emerging Small Cap
  • Genesis Global Emerging Markets
  • GW&K/Trilogy Emerging Markets
  • Harding Loevner Emerging Markets

Multi-Asset & Other

Selected Strategies (of 70+ Strategies)

  • Abax NGI Flexible Income Fund
  • Artemis Strategic Bond Fund
  • Artemis High Income Fund
  • Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund
  • AQR Global Government Bond
  • AQR US High Yield
  • Beutel Goodman Fixed Income
  • GW&K Enhanced Core Bond
  • GW&K Core Bond
  • GW&K Municipal Bond

Liquid Alternatives

Selected Strategies (of 125+ Strategies)

  • AQR Global Risk Premium
  • AQR Managed Futures Strategy
  • AQR Style Premia
  • Capula Global Relative Value Fund
  • Capula Tail Risk Fund
  • Capula Enhanced Fixed Income
  • Garda Fixed Income Relative Value Opportunity Fund
  • Systematica Alternative Markets
  • ValueAct Flagship Fund
  • Winton Multi-Strategy

Illiquid Alternatives

Selected Strategies (of 25+ Strategies)

  • Comvest Debt
  • EIG Energy
  • EIG Global Private Debt
  • EIG Harbour
  • Pantheon Access
  • Pantheon Global Infrastructure
  • Pantheon Global Secondaries
  • Pantheon Regional Primaries