The Boutique Advantage

Boutique Investment Firms Have Competitive Advantages in Generating Alpha

With certain fundamental attributes, focused boutique managers are positioned to outperform broad market indices as well as non-boutique peers


  • Principals have significant direct equity ownership, ensuring alignment of interests with clients
  • Unique entrepreneurial culture, which attracts a multi-generational group of talented investors and management partners
  • Investment-centric organizational alignment characterized by specialized expertise and a unique investment process focused on delivering returns with a long-term perspective
  • Principals are committed to building an enduring franchise, embedding an appropriately long-term orientation

Boutique Firms Have Outperformed Non-Boutique Peers and Investment Benchmarks

AMG's proprietary study of over 1,300 individual investment management firms globally and nearly 5,000 institutional equity strategies (across 11 alpha-oriented equity categories representing approximately US$7 trillion in AUM over a 20-year period) revealed that: 

  • Boutiques broadly outperformed non-boutiques
  • Top-performing boutiques added more value for clients than bottom-performing boutiques detracted
  • Boutiques created significant value versus indices

  • Top-performing boutiques generated exceptional excess returns versus indices
  • Boutique strategies, on average, had a high frequency of outperforming indices
  • Boutique outperformance versus indices was persistent

Advantages for Clients in Partnering With AMG Affiliates

Global Platform

AMG has built a global distribution platform across key financial centers around the world, through which clients have a single point of access to the widest array of return-seeking products managed by independent boutique firms

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Industry-Leading Strategies

AMG Affiliates are known as leaders in their respective investing disciplines and offer industry-leading investment strategies across the most attractive return-oriented product areas, particularly global equities and alternative strategies

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A Track Record of Success

  • AMG has a track record of successful partnerships for over 25 years, selecting the highest-quality independent firms worldwide as partners
  • Hallmarks of AMG’s Affiliates include long-term records of investment outperformance; aligned interests via direct equity ownership; entrepreneurial, investment-centric cultures; and multi-generational management teams
  • AMG’s partnership approach preserves the essential elements that have made its Affiliates successful over time
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